No connection with half of myself

Relationship built on shattered egg shells

Family is currency, where is all my wealth?

Bricks for walls is all that he sells

Too late to make contact

Do you know who I am?

A bi-racial marriage that had no plan

Am I the only one who gives a damn?

To re-build the blocks, find a compromise

Before death makes a call and unveils a surprise

Don’t want to live a life with regrets

Be proud to tell people of the life that you led

Let me talk to you, let me bring out your best

Teach me how to barter, that could be our kick-starter

For all,

I am your daughter and you are my father

The Spot @ Radar Radio

December 10th saw the last The Spot show on Radar Radio….UNTIL NEXT YEAR!

You can catch this talented bunch playing a 2 hour set from 16:00-18:00 every second Saturday of the month, don’t miss out on January as we’ve got a special 8 hour Radar Radio takeover planned.


Until then, roll something nice, kick back and enjoy our latest show:

Distressed Hem

I remember the days when I would trawl around Marks and Spencer with my Mum wishing I was in a more fashionable shop that appealed to women my age (Topshop/H&M etc.) HOWEVER, I can honestly take all that back now as they have been releasing some awesome pieces under their ‘Limited Collection’…uh collection?

I picked up this pair of jeans from their store in Westfield (Stratford) and have really been pleasantly surprised and have received a hefty amount of compliments! Marks and Spencer; the best kept secret for upcoming snazzy garments.


These are hella versatile to style, take them from a day to night look just by changing out of trainers and into boots/heels!


You can cat me and cop them here:

Shoreditch FM Debut

Who would have thought that a song you recorded in your bed room with a USB mic would be worthy for radio? Not me, that’s for sure!

I was delighted when I received a message in my Soundcloud inbox from Aiden Culley, otherwise known as Tyrannosaurus Dex who hosts his own show on Shoreditch FM Wednesdays from 19:00. He asked me for a link to my Tom Misch cover ‘Feels Like Love’ so that he could include it in his show.

I was so stoked and extremely thankful that he enjoyed the tune and wanted to share it with his audience. You can listen to his whole show below.